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Racism? From FoxNation.com? What ELSE could it possibly be?








Goddamn, that is racist. Even by their standards.


We’re not amused and we’re not happy about this.


This is actually the top story on Fox News’ “Fox Nation” right now.

We’re not amused and we’re not happy about this.

I see you working it Fox News, trying to push those buttons…not even trying to sugar coat the bigotry anymore.  That’s okay, keep making fun of the Black Man In Charge…but remember, the Negro you making fun of today, is the big bossman who’s FBI is currently investigating your boss, Slick Rupert Murdoch.

Its hard to cover your bigotry for so long… their filter just said “No MAS!”

Prepare for the onslaught.

Dear members of the mainstream media who are here on Tumblr and reading my blog:

Will you please show this screencap to your friends at Fox “News” and let us know whether they cringe in disgust at the practices of their colleagues in the online department?

Also ask them if they’re ashamed to be associated in any way with the unadulterated bigotry masquerading as “news” over there at 1211 Avenue of the Americas.

Thanks in advance,

Your fellow Tumblrfolk

I guess that’s an appeal to people like us, so, noted! We’re cringing right there with you. This comment on the story from Fox Nation reader ‘whatitism’ sums up the general sentiment loosely buried in the lede on the piece:

“Barefoot in the rose garden and hiphop in the east room. What a shameful day when we turn the white house into a h o h o u s e. Well I guess he is one, may as well act like one.”


A few things:

This headline is not racist. Asinine? Indeed, but even if the intent WAS underhanded racism, the fact of the matter is the birthday bash did include barbecue food on the menu and there was hip-hop music played, as well as soul and R&B music.  So the headline is also incorrect since it wasn’t just a “hip-hop barbecue” but I’m not chalking it up to racism – it strikes me as misleading, cynical, and rude, but I’m not mad about anything race related.  If it read “Niggas at the cookout ain’t do shit” then I’d be over here making phone calls and sending emails, but since it didn’t, I’m not upset.

Further, I’m trying to figure out how President Obama celebrating his birthday – something damn near everyone does – has anything to do with creating jobs…

The bottomline is this is supposed to make us angry (and don’t act like you don’t know what I mean by “us”) and I’m not allowing myself to get upset over some half-assed news reporting. If the folks over at Fox wanna be in their feelings about Obama enjoying his birthday at the White House, so be it. Fussing about it on the internet doesn’t do a damn thing to stop it. But if someone wants to throw another pie in Murdoch’s face, I won’t be mad about that either.

Another point-of-view to consider re: the “Obama’s Hip-Hop BBQ Didn’t Create Jobs” headline. Thoughts?

Um, yeah, that’s racism. Calling it a “Hip-hop BBQ” and it not *featuring* stacks of hip-hop artists sharing their BBQ recipes makes it racist.

Think of it this way: replace the four pictures above the headline with white men and do you think they would have called it a “Hip-Hop BBQ” just because there was hip-hop music played and BBQ eaten?  Yeah, that’s a pretty bad headline.

As for it being simply half-assed journalism, these days, is there any other kind?

The Obama Watch Begins

“The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”

Thomas Jefferson, who is probably my favorite founding father, is believed to have said this and whether he did or not, it’s the Truth. That’s right, upper-case “T” Truth.

Just because we have a Democrat and a black guy in the White House does not mean racism is gone, the world loves us and Big Brother is now your kids’ cool uncle.

Just because Bill Clinton left office with poll numbers so big they’d make John Holmes blush doesn’t mean Slick Willy didn’t earn his nickname.

While George W. Bush created the economic mess by failing to provide moral principles and strong, positive leadership, it was Clinton (who was no stranger to lax morals) set “W” up for some of the troubles he would see before his reign in the White House was over.

Clinton messed up in Somalia.

Clinton (in my opinion) waited too long to get involved in the Serbia/Bosnia mess.

I’m also rolling my eyes at Milosevic’s all-too-timely death just before he was going to testify in his own war crimes trial.

There’s also a question of what Clinton knew about the CIA’s use of an airstrip in Mena, Arkansas while he was governor of that state.

Of course, I wasn’t paying attention back then like I should have been–like we all should always be.

If we don’t watch the edges of our freedom, there is no way we’ll notice them shrinking.

If We, The People, don’t watch our government and make sure they don’t knock those edges back several feet, we may not notice our freedoms are gone until we discover they’re long gone.

Barack Obama may very well be the good man that so many think he is. However, he is still part of a system that encourages bribery, corporate-favoritism and the exchange of morals for security.

So, as President Obama does a lot of things right (like signing the order to close the detention center at Gitmo), we can’t sit back and expect him to be even close to the perfect leader.

Will he make sure that George W. Bush is prosecuted for his crimes?

Will he allow the government to spy on American citizens on American soil as Bush did?

It looks like he plans to follow through on his plans to withdraw from Iraq but how long will it take and will it be as quick a withdrawal as even Iraq seems to be ready for?

Every one of us must keep an eye on things since our mainstream media has proven they aren’t up to the task. Don’t listen to them when they tell you they did their best because they did not. The media is the fourth branch of government. It’s not connected directly to it so it can move without interference from the rest of the government. Without it telling us accurately what our leaders are up to, we are on our own to determine just what the hell is going on so we know who we should vote for. Since they are not doing that, we must do it ourselves.

Like Jefferson is said to have said, the price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

I, for one, will be keeping my eye on things.

But don’t trust me to be perfect either. We all need to watch, read, absorb and think for ourselves. None of us are perfect on our own. Together, that’s another story.