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#WTHeck? Why does Apple charge $4.99 for Tetris for Click-Wheel iPods??

Seriously, Tetris should be waaaay cheaper than this.  In fact, all click-wheel games should be cheaper than this (they seem to all be $5).  I know the idea is to push folks to buy games for the iPhone/iPod Touch and I also understand that these games are less popular—but for folks who maybe can’t afford the more pricey iDevices, charging a couple bucks versus FIVE might look pretty appealing.  Once these games are hosted, Apple does virtually NOTHING to make them available.  So, you’d think they’d be interested in making these things get downloaded more easily.

Or maybe Apple doesn’t want more money—maybe they just want EVERYONE TO HAVE AN iPHONE.

Well, I already have one and am tired of finding new ways to run the battery down, so: :P