Another one for the #USAWTF files or maybe we should start calling it #Failmerica? Either way, this one comes from thefremen:inothernews:This is video, reportedly shot during the OccupyCal protests yesterday, November 9, of Berkeley, California police officers driving their batons into the stomachs of protesters at UC Berkeley, who appear to be doing nothing but linking arms and voicing opinions.  The officers in the middle are striking the two women directly in front of them square in the gut, ruthlessly and mercilessly.  I don’t see any projectiles thrown or anything else that could possibly justify the brutality we’re seeing here.   Unless cops just don’t like the concept of peaceful protests.Reblog this, folks.(h/t katiesilorio, et al)Contrast this to the non-existent police response to the pro-pedophile riot at Penn State. Contrast this to the non-existent new coverage or the non-existent outcry of America to stop this sort of injustice from ever happening.That video is bizarre.  It’s like the women getting pepper sprayed in NYC a couple months back.  No clear reason for the violence to continue.  The kids in the video above do nothing to instigate the violence and the cops aren’t in any clear danger at all.  I’m just glad they stopped beating them at all.  The demeanor and the uniforms of the cops make this look like a student film, almost.  That’s not riot gear they’re wearing.  Gray helmets with face shields?  Where’s the body armor?  If those students had fought back I bet they could have taken those cops.  It would have been in self-defense.  How else does an innocent civilian react to a police state?And yes, kids, this is what a police state looks like.

A definite sign of the failing of America from stfurapeculture and others:






Occupy Wall Street? Egyptian riots? London looting?


Penn State student rioting over the firing of Joe Paterno. More photos from last night’s riots here.

If a group of crows is a murder, what’s a crowd of rape-apologizing douchebros called?

I believe a pace of asses would be appropriate.


I think the overwhelming majority of male faces in this photo is rather telling.


Fucking sickening.

Did Americans have a riot when the Supreme Court ruled Bush could enter the White House?  Did we riot when Bush illegally invaded Iraq?  Did we riot when we found out that Bush lied to us about Iraq?  Did we riot when it was discovered our government tortured in our name?  Did we riot when Obama assassinated Osama bin Laden rather than putting him on trial like the Iraqis did with Saddam?  Did we riot when an American citizen, convicted of no crime, was assassinated by an American drone?

What’s it take to get Americans to riot?  An LA Lakers game or the firing of a beloved coach who did nothing to stop illegal sex acts.

What the fuck is wrong with us?  Seriously, America, your attitudes are so assbackwards I am completely unable to reconcile your claims of moral righteousness with your actual behavior.  

Seriously. #USAWTF