So after last night’s #Lego #Minifigure #questfail I tried again tonight… ever hear of #Nanoblocks?

Couldn’t find ANY wave 5 minifigs but I found some wave 4s. I only got one because I don’t like the selection so much. I also found a bunch of Nanoblock packs–they’re basically like micro-Lego–and went with the panda. They’re kind of pricey–$10 though I could have sworn the price on the rack was $8. Still, should be fun to build! Stop by later for the results!

So, I picked up these three #Lego #Minifigures last night but…

I’m a little unimpressed with my luck. I mean, the gladiator is cool I guess, but the dwarf/viking guy’s legs aren’t even articulated and the clown??? Who the hell wants the Lego CLOWN? So, earlier tonight I went questing for more Wave 5 Lego Minifigures. (See my next post for the results.)

Hillary Clinton Over Joe Biden in 2012? Possible – Jonathan Alter – Bloomberg

Hillary Clinton Over Joe Biden in 2012? Possible – Jonathan Alter – Bloomberg


Will Obama swap Bidon for Hillary Clinton? Interesting possibilities, and Woodward says it’s being discussed.

No, no, no way is Obama swapping Biden for Clinton.  Back in 91, there was talk of HW Bush swapping out Dan Quayle for Dick Cheney.  Ironically, Dick Cheney said he wasn’t interested in politics >_<  The point is, there’s often talk of swapping out VPs, but has it ever happened?  Seriously, I want to know, because I don’t ever remember it happening in my lifetime.


John Vachon, 1940, from More American Photographs at the Wattis Institute which has commissioned twelve photographers – including Alec SothHank Willis Thomas, and Stephen Shore - to travel the United States documenting its land and people in today’s economic climate just as the famous photography program of the Farm Security Administration did in the Depression era. (via: NewYorker)

I love how the above picture wasn’t taken recently, yet it would be just as ironic if it had been.

Freedom of religion (unless you’re Muslim or Atheist).

Opportunity (where?).

Private Enterprise (assuming you can get a loan from the bank to start it)

Representative Democracy (if you’ve got the money to bribe your politician of choice with more cash than your corporate competitor).



This is Rick, the NYPD “Hipster Cop.” I briefly met this guy while reporting on the Occupy Wall Street Radiohead concert that never happened.  He was standing next to the Occupy Wall Street spokesman who had told me over and over that day that Radiohead would definitely be playing no matter what their publicist said, just come down.

When I met him, Hipster Cop was wearing a bright red Mister Rogers cardigan and a white button down with a clipped tie, grey wool slacks and spotless oxfords, a smirk on his face. He was the most sharply-dressed guy I had seen pretty much all week, and I work in Soho. Hipster Cop almost looked too well-dressed to be a Radiohead fan; like, maybe he only listened to LPs of obscure Japanese bands from the 80s. But I asked if he was bummed about Radiohead’s no-show: “They’re finished,” he joked. “Nobody’s going to listen to their music anymore.”

But he was a cop! Which I learned when he flashed a badge hooked discreetly onto his belt and shooed away the uniformed officer who eventually came over to move us from the street where we were chatting onto the sidewalk. You could tell she was embarrassed; guess he’s like that cool detective at the police station that nobody wants to talk to about movies or music or anything ‘cause he’ll scoff at them. 

Since then, Hipster Cop has become sort of a meme at Occupy Wall Street. This woman even called him “infamous.”

What if all cops looked like this? What if pepper-spray cop Anthony Bologna looked like this? What if, during the 2008 NYC Republican Convention, CNN broadcast live footage of dozens of hipster cops charging through the tear gas behind riot shields with Pavement bumper stickers on them, beating protesters with vintage 1920s nightsticks they picked up at the thrift store, precisely-clipped ties fluttering behind them? 

Update: This NYU student, Brett Chamberlain, just tweeted to me that Hipster Cop asked him out to dinner.

No joke he asked me out to dinner. his name is Rick btw. Community affairs / detective with #NYPD precinct 1.  I told him if he saw me in cuffs and let me out I would go to dinner with him. He missed his chance when I got arrested.

I don’t know… It’s almost too good to be true. Gay hipster cop finds love at the anti-capitalist protest? #OccupyMyHeart

(pic via Lucy Kafanov)


This is waaay too funny a story to be true.  This is like something on the Daily Show.

He’s been spotted before!


that’s legit

Yeah, like THAT will win over the 1%.  In a society like that the 1% couldn’t exist.

Now, I’m not saying *I* don’t like this idea, but there’s no way the 1% are going to give up all their wealth so we can all be commies.  I’m sure it’s a case of them being happy to give up their cash when we pry it from their cold, dead bank accounts.

Incidentally, I don’t hate everything corporations do.  I just wish American corporations could hire only Americans and not mark up their products and services so damn much. I seriously wouldn’t mind living in a commune, though, assuming that I’d still have access to the Internet, knowledge and entertainment.  I’d really be unhappy without my anime, Britcoms and movies.  But I LOVE the concept of distributed government.  No more presidents, senators or congresspeople, but multiple mayors at a town-level.  Too much power exists in the hands of the too few.

Because That Would Be Monstrous


From Gideon Rose’s How Wars End, on U.S. public opinion toward Japan in 1944:

In response to a December 1944 poll asking “what do you think we sould do with Japan as a country after the war?” 13 percent of Americans wanted to “kill all Japanese” and 33 percent wanted to destroy Japan as a political entity. The poll’s comparable question on Germany did not even include the first option.

Of course it didn’t. Because killing all Germans? That would be monstrous. 

And while the Japanese did commit war crimes, to the best of my knowledge, they didn’t have death camps like Germany.  So, are we lame, or what?


Best #OccupyWallStreet photo ever of the day.

The rich folks are only making it harder for themselves. If they keep on pissing off the 99% like this, there’s going to reach a tipping point… let’s hope the economy catastrophically fails for the 1% before that happens, though.  Because then it’s likely to be like that Daniel Day-Lewis movie (I’m talking about the title, not the milkshake—the rich have already been drinking our milkshakes for quite sometime).