SEE THAT, Anti-Mosque-at-Ground-Zero Protesters? You’re HELPING THE TERRORISTS! (seriously)!


“By preventing this mosque from being built, America is doing us a big favor… It’s providing us with more recruits, donations, and popular support.”

Taliban operative Zabihullah, on how the mosque controversy is benefiting the Taliban

If we respect people’s freedom (even their freedom to be insensitive to people’s feelings about 911) the terrorists DON’T win. Why do you anti-mosque-types not get this? Maybe you just WANT to hate? That could be…

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The Glasgow Effect: Warning! Topspot-Promotions Scam!

The Glasgow Effect: Warning! Topspot-Promotions Scam!

Warning to all bloggers… Today I received this email:

… …

This is a scam! Topspot-Promotions give no phone number and only a skeleton website. Do not fall for this scam… You will not be paid for any work you do. Worse, you risk having malware links on your blog/site.

Do not reply to mail…

A scam???  ON THE INTERNET??


Actually, this is good to know.  Not that I would ever hire anyone else to do website design or promo work.  It’s far too much “fun.” parody viral video that reminds us why we’ll miss what little journalism we had.Found via jesseellison:newsweek:For some reason, this has been sent around the office all day todayNewZweek is gonna be so much better.I can’t believe I missed this when it was first going around… must’ve been when I was shooting that wacky web video instead of writing my novel. ;(Incidentally, if “context” was all that the MSM is supposed to give us, I’m really not going to miss it all that much. :