You’ve heard of “nosebleed seats”? Well these are them! I may be standing up to see some of the show since the stage you see in this photo is a stage on the stage. #aGentlemansGuideToLoveAndMurder on #Broadway is supposed to be good, so…

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1 Second Everyday for February 2014 (#1SE #1SecondEveryday)

Here is February’s worth of 1 1-second-clip for each day of the year. When I just didn’t manage to shoot video on a day, I used a photo. Watch for my old college buddy, Stew, laughing, my first trip to Toronto this year, my wife singing in an elevator and MUCH MORE! Come back every Thursday until the new year to see each new month or follow me on Instagram (@mrthepete) or Vine (@thepete) for previews! You can also hit up to see all of my 1se videos to date.