Cheap little AC-to-USBx4 travel power #adapter charges all of my favorite #gadgets at once. #SWEET

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Cheap little AC-to-USBx4 travel power adapter charges all of my favorite gadgets

Pretty stoked–I can charge all of my favorite devices with this one AC-to-USB adapter. pictured: Glass, iPad Mini, iPad 2, cable running to my 5s which I took the photo with (which was also charging). With a USB hub plugged in to the adapter I can also charge my Pebble and my Bluetooth headphones. Ah crap, forgot to include my Android tablet. I’m sure I can squeeze it in, as well.

The adapter was $8-and-change shipped from Amazon. It’s build quality could be better, but it doesn’t feel like it’ll catch on fire. The only catch I found was when I plugged my iPhone docked and the dock plugged into both this and PC speakers. I could hear some nasty interference/buzzing when the music was quiet. But I never listen to music without headphones when I travel, which is what this adapter is for. Anyway, so if you’re looking for a cheap way to charge a bunch of your USB gadgets, this seems like a good choice. I’m taking a two week trip next weekend and will report back if I have anything negative to say about the device.

You can order it right now from Amazon.

thepetecast2014 ep4: a call to @FedEx and why I hate them.

So, for the second week in a row, I’ve had a (1st world) problem getting #FedEx packages actually delivered to me. So, I called to find out where my package was and I thought I’d record the conversation–you know for quality assurance purposes.

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