Exactly one month ago, tonight, I took this photo of a late-evening #lightning #storm in the caribbean. Imagine standing on the too deck of the #DisneyFantasy, staring into complete blackness and suddenly, for a split second, seeing this.

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What Happened When I Posted About a Police Beating Near My Home on #Instagram

Yesterday, on my Instagram (which is usually just a lifestream), I posted the above screenshot of an article reporting on a police beating not far from my apartment in northern Manhattan, New York City. Sometimes I post screenshots of news articles like this because it’s an easy way to quickly comment about a news story and have it crosspost easily to my blog. The vast majority of the time, this tactic inspires no one to comment on the original Instagram post. If someone does comment, it is always an agreeable response. However, this was not the case with this post about the police beating.

And this brings me to the question that is on my mind.
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